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Jun 06, 2013

"My fellow American and international friends, please turn your attention to Brazil. Please help expose the reality of what is happening in my country. Thousands of people in different cities have gone to the streets to protest. Many of them were university students. They are fed up with too many things, and the increase in public transportation fare was the last straw. I have not lived in my country for four years for many reasons. Brazil has so much talent, resources, beauty and potential, but some of the problems that plague us, such as social inequality, corruption, poverty and violence, are just not bearable to me. Today feel deeply emotional as I read and look at pictures of the riots taking place. I feel certain happiness and pride in seeing people finally voice their opinions and deep sadness, anger and embarassment for the public officials in my country who have either violenty attacked protestors or allowed it to happen. It is hard for people to watch media outlets and goverment call protestors "vandals" and blame them for the violence, when things like this picture are happening. That is allegedly a couple who was simply having a beer. See the violent rage in that officer’s eyes. A female Folha de Sao Paulo journalist was also shot in the eye by police when she started filming them brutalizing citizens. Allegedly, six journalist from the newspaper I’ve worked with all my life, are hurt. Many others are also injured, though I do not know the official numbers or details. The girl who was shot said she is proud of her coverage of the riots. Several underage people are in jail and some will not be let out, as there is no money for public transportation and surely no money for bail. People are demanding equality, transparency, freedom of expression. They are Brazilians and they will never give up. Please help us share."

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I am Brazilian, and I’m going through this oppression. Help us show the world how the government oppresses us!
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